Author Bill King

Bill King has spent over two decades helping business owners navigate the financing process. Most brokers/lenders take advantage of frustrated business owners and even promise an “easy button”. Unfortunately, there is no such thing! Recognizing the vast amount of misinformation out there, he knew he needed to take action. In his book NO Bull$hit Business Finance Guide, Bill educates the reader in exactly what banks look for in a loan package. There are plenty of uncertainties, but knowing what banks expect, what to do if you do not qualify for traditional financing, and why you need certain documents, will put you way ahead of the game. Finding money for your business is important and Bill King wants to help you get there.

Bill King is the owner and Chief Commercial loan Consultant of 4 Kings Capital. Before starting his own business, he was in Banking for over 20 years receiving various awards including The SBA Financial Services Champion (Oklahoma). He earned a Bachelors in Business Management and is also a graduate of the SW Graduate School of Banking. He holds numerous licenses and certifications including his CLFP, CLBB and is an Accredited Small Business Consultant (AASBC), speaker, and writer.